Friday, February 10, 2012

A little piece of mind

These past few days have been craZay! However, i've managed to get my workouts in AND do some homework ;)

(for those of you who want to know what workouts I do go to, there you can set up a plan...and...IT'S FREE!)

I realized last post that it was obnoxiously long, so from now on I won't be posting EVERYTHING I eat lol only the yummy stuff that I find interesting, speaking of which...

Meal 1 today was..wait for it..MY FIRST PROTEIN PANCAKE. ok, now you might think to yourself..a protein pancake? why not just eat a REAL pancake, well for those skeptics out there, this tasted JUST like the real thing, and believe me, I would know, I am a pancake enthusiast :)

ANYWAY it was absolutely delicious (I added blackberries, YUMMO!)

Today in general has just been splendid. I slept in, had a pancake, worked out and now i'm off to start my day by planning my month vacation with my friend megan (we are going to amsterdam, paris AND london) in april :) AND i'm going to get my outline done for my paper/study for my quiz that is in two weeks. PLUS tonight i'm going to go see the Vow. yes today is just amazing.

Now, something that makes every day special for my is my walk. Now a walk usually isn't special, especially in Cork, when you have clouds of exhaust shoved down your throat every five seconds, however, there is this one section of the side walk that I always walk past that makes my day just all the more enjoyable. Sometimes I even go out of my way to walk past it.

This side walk is about 2 mins outside my apartment and it's in front of some houses. One of the houses has an amazing garden that has gorgeous flowers, now that alone would make someone smile, but not me. For me it's the scent. These flowers give off the most fragrant aroma ever. It is a little piece of amazingness in my day. It puts a little pep in my step if you will ;)

It's the little things though out your day, or in your life that make it worth wile. It's like there is a wall of smoke and then all of a sudden, the smoke separates and this fragrance just comes RIGHT AT YOU! It's amazing.

Being abroad has truly helped my appreciate the little things and everything that I have back home. I has helped my come to terms with issues i've faced and helped me realize my full potential.

I'll probably come back on later tonight and do a little *review* of the movie :)

Till then!


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