Friday, March 2, 2012

Chocolate flourless oatmeal cookies

Sorry for the absence as of late. For some reason, I've lost a lot of motivation lately, but luckily it's been regained with Peanut butter fingers. This blog has motivated me and provided me with a lot of support and help with a lot of things I have been going through right now.

Needless to say, i've felt pretty poopy (yes I just used the word poopy, Phil has tried to swear less and fortunately it has rubbed off on me). Lately I have not wanted to go out, see people, or do pretty much anything. Then I found Peanut butter fingers and it's helped me change things around. I've always had issues with food and body image, but reading this blog has truly enforced moderation in my head and helps me realize that having a couple cookies...or 5 ;) is OKAY! It's ok to indulge and treat yourself. If you crave it, eat it, otherwise you will over indulge and feel even worse later!

I'm going to try and keep up with this motivational high and hopefully things will turn around :) (I'm thinking positivity in the future).

But on another note (whilst scouring this blog), I came across a recipe for chocolate oatmeal cookies...which I tweaked a little ;)

THEY ARE AMAZING..and have a very intoxicating smell (they are sitting in my room. VERY DANGEROUS). They taste like brownies with oatmeal inside. yummmmmmmmm. so good. The recipe actually came from Kalyn's Kitchen. This recipe called for sugar free substitute, but I used real sugar and gluten free oats instead. (just what I had on hand). And they turned out phenomenal. Not sugar-free, but gluten-free! And sometimes you need a little sugar :)

The rest of today was very productive and I got *ish done, which i'm happy about.

I also (after many MANY months of a knee injury) I ran. I ran 2 miles today. I didn't hurt my knee and it felt amazing. I need to get my endurance up again, but once I get home and see what is really wrong with my knee then I can start to train for the 15K that i'm planning on doing next year. Hot chocolate race anyone??

I think yes :)

Going off on a tangent here...I'm trying to be more positive and I do believe it is working. I have three more weeks of class here in the home-land and then 2 month until i'm home..CRAZYNESS. But i'm pumped.

I'm going to try and update this a lot more. This is my loving life, healthy eating, exercising blog. Please enjoy!

Something I try and think about every day :)


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