Sunday, March 11, 2012

Over due post

I have been seriously lacking in the blogging department lately. This needs to change, unfortunately I have an uber busy week coming up before the weekend's festivities begin! This weekend is St. Patrick's Day and Phillip is coming into town! YAY! I get to see my cuddle buddy for the first time in 2 1/2 months!

BUT lets detour before I talk about this coming week and backtrack to the last couple days shall we?

Friday: Friday was filled with tummy troubles. But I had to put those aside to welcome my sorority sisters! (lack of pictures is due to me forgetting my camera most of the time :/ fail).

When they got here, they were pretty tired, so we decided to spend friday night in and watch P.S. I Love You, appropriate movie if I do say so myself ;) After a pint of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough for them and crackers (for my tummy) for me, we passed out.

Saturday: Saturday was filled with lots of walking and an adventure to the Blarney Stone! I already went there earlier this semester, but it was nice to go again and see things I neglected before :) ALSO there were two weddings going on!

Yes I was a complete creeper and took this photo ;) What can I say, I LOVE weddings :D

Isn't this car jammin?!? LOVE it.

After Blarney, we took the bus back to Cork and were pretty hungry so we stopped by this little pub and grabbed some food. I got the smoked salmon sandwich and an irish coffee...YUM!

After this there was an undocumented gelato run. This time I got oreo AND cookies and cream. I mean come on?!? cookies and cream is soooo good I couldn't help myself ;)

After our delicious meal, we headed back to my apartment and got ready for the rest of the evening. We went to this traditional Irish pub, where we preceded to get pints and have a jolly good time!

*side note: this weekend was also filled with countless (and I mean countless) amounts of snacking...I can't remember how many bags of animal crackers, cheese-its, and handfuls of reese's (tiny) eggs I had.*

I forgot how much I love snacking...and then I remember how much I love healthy eating and everything turns out great!

Now for today! Whew!

After dropping off my sistaaaaaas at the bus station, I walked to the gym and completed a 45 min workout that looked like this

10 min stairs
10 mins elliptical
7 mins abs
5 mins stretching and core strengthening

It was a solid workout that made me sweat, which was exactly what I needed after this indulgent weekend.

After that cardio heavy workout, I was ready for some oatmeal :) So I took a page from my friend at Peanut Butter Fingers and used the jar of peanut butter I had that only had about 1 tablespoon of pb left and created a delicious creamy pb filled oatmeal :) YUM. plus a side of raspberries.
The best part? at the bottom where the peanut butter didn't get fully incorporated into the oatmeal...GOOD EATS. So delicious :)

After that PB filled morning it is time for me to prepare for this week! This includes: 2 exams and 2 papers I have to complete before I can enjoy the company of phil and baking for St. Patrick's Day!

I might be a little bad about blogging this week, so please forgive me. I'll try my best!

Love you all (or for those who read this silly thing ;) )


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