Saturday, March 3, 2012

Carbs, Cashel and Late Night Cravings

Hello Hello! Happy Saturday everyone!

Today was very very eventful!

First off, Breakfast: Oatmeal. with blueberries, toast with peanut butter and jam. Definitely needed this filling meal to hold me over for my FIELD TRIP TODAY! Yes, I'm studying abroad and I go on field trips with my class. Don't be hatin.

It was a beautiful day today, which made the trip, itself, much more enjoyable. After adventuring to many different places in North Cork, we got to the Rock of Cashel in enough time for lunch. Now I had my lunch on the bus, but a group of us went to a pub and sat down to relax. I got a coffee (plain) with a brown bread scone. MORE CARBS (of course I had jam to go with it!) I also had a little snack of these munchies. 1. they are small and 2. I have so many! I need to finish them off (totally justifying having three after lunch).

On the bus ride back, instead of listening to music, I decided to read. I KNOW crazy ;) but i'm really into The Hunger Games right now. I read 7 CHAPTERS. I'm flabbergasted by this as well *gasp*.

Anyway after I got home, I had a quick dinner. Skype le parentals and decided to do some blog creeping until I was going to go out. Sadly going out did not happen but this did:

This is a rice cake with peanut butter. This was only PART of my late night snack...the rest included: 1 handful of peanuts, 1 handful of almonds and 2 dates with peanut butter. I seriously have a problem with late night munchies. I either need to go to bed earlier, drink more water OR lock all of my food up an hour before I go to bed. Oh lawd, what WILL I do with myself.

Anyway, I'm blogging this whilst in bed and decided what movie I should watch...I think I'll scour through netflix and pick a good rom-com. I need some romance and funny business in my life right now. However only 2 weeks separate me from my cuddle buddy! Phillip arrives on the 17th and I couldn't be more excited!

Anyway, this is an oober long post (my apologies).

But a side note: One of my really good friends, Kelley is traveling to Tanzania this summer. Please help her raise money! She makes amazing crafty items and truly deserves this. I don't know anyone who would deserve this more. :)

Ok, NOW i'm done :)

toodles lovlies!


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